Parole in Place

A fairly new program has been implemented to allow immediate relatives of military personnel to adjust status within the U.S., even if they entered without inspection.  The program is called Parole in Place (PIP) and essentially the local USCIS office will parole the immigrant at their office, then accept the application to adjust status (together with the Petition for Alien Relative if it has yet to be filed).  Each office is handling PIP differently.  Some require that an I-131 be filed, others do not.  One office just requires a G325A for the immigrant and proof of the spouse’s military status.  Contact the District Director’s office and ask what their procedure is.  Also be aware, PIP does not excuse or forgive bases for inadmissibility , but it does end the need for an I-601 waiver for prior unlawful presence, as the client never really left the U.S.

As of Fall 2013 USCIS issued guidance on how to access this process and the offices that were not processing them have begun to again.


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